Giggle Metrics

what says:

There are smart, more effective sarcasms and there are simple rude insults . Here are two sarcasms. One works and the other sucks. Which one is the smart one? Why? Which one is the sucky one? Why? If you don’t know, you really don’t understand women.

Here it is:

“And you’re short, did your parents forget to feed you?”
“Sorry, I have a rule against dating princesses.”

I say:

So, which one?

The answer is blindingly simple: Pass it through a giggle metrics filter. The one of the above utterances that elicits a giggle is the one to deploy.

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The moral dilemma

I’ve noticed a comment on Roissy’s blog written by B Dalton and decided that I may as well start with comments and my replies as a fodder for my blog.

Does being a high IQ person raised in a traditional environment present problems for men in today’s world? Here is what I mean. If you are high IQ and educated it is very difficult to dumb yourself down to deal with today’s women. It doesn’t matter if they have advanced degrees. I have been in the company of women who have doctorates and I still consider them educated dummies. Not to mention if they are Leftist which most of them are. Leftism make a person a complete fucking moron.

What is your field? Say it is something involving math. Go back in time when you were first introduced to polynomial equations. Before you were handed out a key to solving them, they may seemed to you as an incomprehensible gibberish. But when you learned the lingo, the equations became transparent to you.

The first thing to recognize is that despite what you have been told, women aren’t the same as you. They are different. All of them. Not unlike polynomial equations, they have 2 roots. One root is common with the humanity (men), it has to be, else they would be alien creatures. That root provides a layer upon which we can relate to each other–existential, experiential reality we all partake on.

The second root is the femininity. It has its own characteristics that are based on women biological prerogatives. Under normal circumstances, where masculinity and femininity meet, they balance out each other. Pre-feminist era, the societies knew this and designed their social structures along the lines that led to optimal balancing of yin and yang, because they knew that femininity when unchecked (and in a different mold masculinity as well–being the child of the first root) would turn into a ravenous beast consuming itself and its children with a reckless abandon.

But there is also the moral dimension with Game. Many white men that were brought up with a traditional morality look upon Game with a type of revulsion. Such men don’t want to have to engage in Machiavellian tactics to find and keep a women. Add to the mix that the overwhelming majority of women are not the intellectual equal of a man and, in today’s culture, not his moral equal and it is very hard not to have a certain degree of misogyny.

What is the moral dilemma? If you think about it, there is no moral dilemma. The moral compass that you carry with you has been tailored for the times when the yin-yang principles were balanced. Not all the variables were ideal. The romanticism introduced some elements that were at the inception of the destruction of the whole edifice.

Let me elucidate on my experience. In some previous threads I mentioned my exploits in my early childhood. Seems that I had a natural game in spades. After my first “gf” was forcibly relocated during the first grade, I went to a special boarding school for the rest of the 1st grade. It was a co-ed school, there were separate dormitory wings for boys and girls. I acquired another “gf”, this time she was twice my age (I was 6, turning 7 in the last quarter of he school year), with soft lovely breast that started to adorn her chest. She was a fun to hug. By that time, I started to read books. Next couple of years, I was going through books like there was no tomorrow. I were thirsty for knowledge, the school stuff was very boring.

You can guess what happened. The stuff I digested from the book overrode my natural game. My notions changed and it took me almost to the age 16 to figure out that I have been deceived–all these notions that on the surface sounded so noble were de facto a conspiracy of fools. So thorough was the deception that it took a large chunk of my life to deprogram myself completely. I can only imagine the difficulty of deprogramming of men that grew up under the feminist regime–and that is by no means an euphemism!

So, let me get back to morality. The system that has been fine-tuned for several millennia got a cancer by the beginning of the 19th century and from hence it went downward. The discrepancy between the code that has been put in place and the new paradigm grew, and resulted in the mess we are dealing with today. The feminine aspect of women has been un-moored and we are in a pickle. How do we reconcile the moral compass we were given and the present day situation?

Lacking the social constrictures on femininity that kept its negative aspects in check, we have to learn how we have to internalize these constraints to facilitate what is externally missing. There is no conflict with the moral compass of the previous era when we realize that what were the social norms is now relegated to the social space of the individual.

And that is where the Game comes to provide the rules for social interaction for men vs women. There is no prerogative that one would use the game for lots of poon. The game is adaptable for a LTR relationships.

You learn the syntax and semantics of the lingo that solves the 2nd root of the polynomial equation. Clear?

Once you learn it and realize that there is no conflict with your moral compass, just the conflict between notions that were added to it not that long ago and are not really related to it and in fact corrosive, then you free yourself from the misconceptions. You will look at women in the proper context and you will be able to find one that is suitable not only for your offspring, but also for the companionship. You are not looking for a mirror image of yourself. You are looking for a being that is complementary to you. She may not be able to solve quadratic equations, but you can.

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Hic sunt mesocricetae!

“Yawn, is this really about hamsters?”


“But it is called the Hamster Orchestra!”

So? The blog application asks for a name. Had to put something there. Do you have something against hamsters?

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