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Giggle Metrics

what says: There are smart, more effective sarcasms and there are simple rude insults . Here are two sarcasms. One works and the other sucks. Which one is the smart one? Why? Which one is the sucky one? Why? If … Continue reading

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The moral dilemma

I’ve noticed a comment on Roissy’s blog written by B Dalton and decided that I may as well start with comments and my replies as a fodder for my blog.

Does being a high IQ person raised in a traditional environment present problems for men in today’s world? Here is what I mean. If you are high IQ and educated it is very difficult to dumb yourself down to deal with today’s women. It doesn’t matter if they have advanced degrees. I have been in the company of women who have doctorates and I still consider them educated dummies. Not to mention if they are Leftist which most of them are. Leftism make a person a complete fucking moron.

What is your field? Say it is something involving math. Go back in time when you were first introduced to polynomial equations. Before you were handed out a key to solving them, they may seemed to you as an incomprehensible gibberish. But when you learned the lingo, the equations became transparent to you. Continue reading

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Hic sunt mesocricetae!

“Yawn, is this really about hamsters?” No. “But it is called the Hamster Orchestra!” So? The blog application asks for a name. Had to put something there. Do you have something against hamsters?

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