Giggle Metrics

what says:

There are smart, more effective sarcasms and there are simple rude insults . Here are two sarcasms. One works and the other sucks. Which one is the smart one? Why? Which one is the sucky one? Why? If you don’t know, you really don’t understand women.

Here it is:

“And you’re short, did your parents forget to feed you?”
“Sorry, I have a rule against dating princesses.”

I say:

So, which one?

The answer is blindingly simple: Pass it through a giggle metrics filter. The one of the above utterances that elicits a giggle is the one to deploy.

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4 Responses to Giggle Metrics

  1. what says:

    hee! hee! you are still alive!

    • Morsellaux says:

      Barely. Well not so bad, just inundated. Have to do stuff I were putting off (“Don’t do anything today what you can do tomorrow.”
      But anythings do have a tendency to accumulate and one tomorrow, you hafta deal with it).

  2. what says:

    deal with it and then come out to PLAY! haha lala!!

  3. what says:

    omg! you still haven’t finish your stuff! Happy New Year! hehe!!

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